Ready for 2018 – Taking Responsibility

PART 2…. The next part that I need to declutter is the ones which are invisible.
Things which have been occupied my mind for many many years. And to declutter them means I have to face them, fix them, be brave and strong and do it with love. I may hurt people I care because of those things.
In 2018, my theme is to simplify and improve. I want to improve my relationship, improve how I feel. Because how I feel is sent to Universe. I want to send good vibes. I NEED to…. I have bigger tasks in front of me, to align my energy, to upgrade my level so I can be with my mentors…. growing! I want to have focus on my family, my business, helping more people.
So here I am… Taking my responsibility…


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Below pictures represent my post:

Telling the Universe, “More of this, please”


Remove the problems

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