Ready for 2018 – Bullet Journalling

PART 3….. Another aspect I’d like to improve is area of journalling and tracking.
I always prepare business plan and other plans but somehow I miss to track my progress. It takes commitment and discipline.
I have lots of notebooks: for daily activities, for writing down training materials I attend, for my book reading summary, for my expense, my daily gratitude etc. Can you imagine if I have to carry those notebooks?? Yea, I have a big backpack, LOL…. Sometimes I write on papers then I loose them…

Then, Universe sent me this concept. BULLET JOURNAL. I actually found several post about this on Pinterest months ago but I did not pay attention until I bumped into it again before end of December 2017. I read what it was on @bulletjournal website, then I searched, so many people doing this and it helps them organizing.
Whoaaa, a journal has a system!!


I got ideas from @tinyrayofsunshine , @boho.berry and many more.

I read more, then I practised. I drafted all the spreads and trackers I need on plain paper.
So here is my bullet journal. I am still new and still looking for the style which best fit my needs.

Preparing my bullet Journal
2018 Welcome page – Bullet Journal
My Bullet Journal Keys
2018 Bullet Journal Future Log
2018 Bullet Journal Daily Spread – I use time bar, I put meal list, health condition and daily expenses. I also write my daily gratitude.
2018 Bullet Journal Weekly spread
2018 Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

The trackers really push me to do what I suppose to do, so I get to cross items each day as a mark of accomplishment.
I will post my trackers in coming post and also how I do my bullet journal.

By the way, I keep my notes of business trainings and #3x21FFGpersonalgrowthprogram book report separately from bullet journal.

Check out the reason why I do this, 2017 reflection and taking responsibility.

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