Cute Stuffs I bought at Carrefour

Last Saturday (Aug 29, 2009), I went to Carrefour with my sister and both of her children for grocery shopping. The plan was we split. She’d go to Carrefour and I’d go to Puri Mall across the building.
It turned out that Carrefour was having a sale on house appliances and other cute stuffs made in Japan (I think).
I ended up spending my time in the site and bought these stuffs: (But after that I still went to Puri Mall to get swim goggle)

Cute stuffs

These are clips for snack bags. You know, when you don’t finish eating the dry snack, we need to close the bag so it will not get soft. I just realize that I bought two types of them. Well, I’ll give one set to my sister.

If you are a forgetful person, these key chains will help you to find the right keys, because you can write down the key’s location.

I need this set of screwdrivers. It comes in handy.

Good idea. Need this to organize my lipsticks in my drawer.
lipstick organizer

Will use this to keep my mineral make up eyeshadow samples that come in sample baggies.
Tiny compartments

Need these to replace the sucking cups in my bath room shelf.
Sucking Cup

Cute tea holder. Use this if your tea is still in the form of leaves.
Tea holder

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