Bullet Journal Trackers

Continued from my bullet journal post, as I wrote,  that I make plans but I often miss to monitor and track.  So these are few of my trackers:

1. JM transaction, of my own and team orders – monthly.

2. Income, to track how I’m doing weekly and monthly.  The chart is for the whole year.

Income tracker – Bullet Journal

3. My FFG business activities tracker,  such as how many phone calls I make per day,  how many presentations by myself and supporting my team,  etc.

4. Body weight, body statistics and health condition, I make this monthly.  For taking measurement,  usually I do it every three days or week.


Overall health tracker – Bullet journal


5. Books to buy and to read, and books I have read.

6. Places to visit and place I have been. This can be a collection too.

7. Debt payment tracker. Depends on how I am going to pay them off.  I wrote down the installment period or the amount.

8. Sleep tracker. I make this weekly,  but I may change into monthly.

8. AlQur’an reading tracker. I make it for one whole year.

The list keep growing…  I will update you later.

You may get ideas from my trackers… I don’t like making tables manually,  so I made the tables using Excel. I’m also not used to drawings or doodles,  yet… Still learning to do it,  hahaha…


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