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This is my updates in 2018.

Welcome to my blog, where you can find articles about my thoughts and my life journey. From an employee, transforming into an entrepreneur, moving from left quadrant to right quadrant, generating passive income.

Background & Previous Jobs

I have bachelor degree in marketing management. I did various jobs: customer services, freelance sales, selling stuffs offline and online, sales and marketing at medical equipment companies while setting up my own business.

My previous job enabled me to go abroad and meet new friends from other countries. Working as a marketing executive in a medical equipment company was very different from marketing staff in other companies. I must study human anatomy, diseases related to specific anatomy, technology used for treating the respective disease, how to operate machine we are selling, and their benefits and advantages. I had to know my market situation, my target market, promoting the machine and its technology, did presentation and negotiation, scheduled and managed my time in order to meet the dead line.

My specialization was surgical equipments used in neurosurgery, gastrointestinal tract, urology, obstetric gynecology and laparoscopy.


Tae Kwon Do

I have been practising Tae Kwon Do since 1990 and currently I hold 2nd degree black belt. I was a silver medalist for PON 1996. After retired from athlete, I taught elementary and high school students in my spare time. I was proud of my students, especially who are in elementary school, they won several medals in championships. 

Since 2013, I joined Dojang Sosial as instructor, teaching kids from poor family.

Check out their Facebook Page: Dojang Sosial Pelatihan Taekwondo.

Latihan Taekwondo Akhir Tahun 31 Dec 2017



Donating blood on World Blood Donor Day June 14, 2017 with FFG

The journey to become an entrepreneur has been started since mid of 2006 where I joined Asian Brain, the internet marketing community, followed by meeting this wonderful family of FFG.

I have been with FFG (Freedom Faithnet Global) Community since end of 2010. It is where I learned a lot about business, life and helping others.

It’s never been an easy journey, but eventually, I’ll get to my destination.

I am concerned about taking care health, wellness,  life style and building global business.

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Enjoy your time here.

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